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The AETG Oklahoma app is designed for Oklahoma Real Estate Professionals, buyers and sellers.

Download the app to review our fees, create and print out a Loan Estimate Form, a closing disclosure form, or sellers proceeds form. Our App also allows for you to send us your orders directly from the app and estimate forms.

AETG Calculator

Realtors! Get fees for Buyers & Seller. Lenders! Get printable or emailed CD, LE forms .


We utilize ClosingLock service to securely transfer, document, wiring information and funds


 AETG is integrated with many industry software providers including Softpro, RamQuest, Encompass, Docusign, and others to provide our customers with great service.

Send Earnest Money - Zoccam App
Check Image Capture

We utilize Zoccam to give our customers the best and most secure experience possible when sending earnest money to our escrow offices. Download the app here, open, and select one of our offices from the app to capture check images or create an electronic check.

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